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Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve posted anything here.  Most of our activity online has been at This is our public FaceBook profile page.  Feel free to friend us there if you use Facebook, and as always you can reach us at

We’re still meeting up at 5:30 on Sundays at the Harris Street Methodist Church on Harris and Susquehana streets to train, so feel free to drop by anytime and come training with us.


So it’s august and we’ve had a good summer.   Lots of goals have been achieved by the club:  cat pass to precision, some huge kongs, balance training, muscle ups, and lache maneuvers.  While still perfecting these and other moves, Darkburg as a club has grown in its prowess.   The future is always coming and we hope to continue to grow, especially in our numbers.   Keep an eye out for some Darkburg sponsored seminars and events hopefully coming by summer 2011.

I also wanted to mention that Darkburg is introducing yoga to the regular training schedule.   My wife is a long time yoga practitioner who is beginning to look into teaching.   Darkburg has invited her to open their sunday training sessions with ten to fifteen minutes of yoga designed to open our joints and warm us up for training.   I myself believe in yoga and routinely practice yoga postures that restore, energize, and open up the joints, for instance the hip and groin area.    While we all stretch and warm up before training, having someone guide us through, correcting posture and aiding in things like breath control can only improve our efforts in this area.   Also, let’s not forget that yoga is the ultimate at core strengthening.   While we’re not focusing our yoga on the core strengthening, it will be an added bonus to the practice.   I could go on and on about the benefits of regular yoga practice with a “mindful teacher” but I only at this time wanted to let you all know about Darkburg and how our year has been and the things we’ve been doing.

Finally I wanted to thank our peers in Lancaster and Allentown for a great time in Lancaster.   The jam was our first and we enjoyed it immensely.   We feel like the connection’s made, and has solidified us in central PA as a known club.   Darkburg has effectively put its flag in the sand, we are here.   And if you practice parkour or freerunning in the Harrisburg area and you don’t know us….. well we suggest finding us….. the invite to join us is wide open and we encourage it.   Thanks again to guys and gals who made the jam so much fun and we hope to sponsor one in Harrisburg soon.

i recently had a birthday and a friend who had tagged along with us one night capturing some footage on a small digital camera. with the help of his computer and his knowledge there of he compiled a wonderful gift darkburg’s first official video. it’s short but sweet. we hope to have some more video soon, especially since we have some new members. the film work, editing, and original score are all the work of  Josh Karns. with Joanna Kirby on vocals. awesome gift Josh, i love it.

Daniel Ilabaca & Ryan Doyle drop by Fight Science to demonstrate why parkour is awesome (from a science perspective.)  First Ryan Doyle demonstrates how a parkour roll is used to land safely from dangerous heights.  Then Daniel Ilabaca shows us how far it’s possible to go.

great vid.featuring dr.zinn dropping wisdom …….

   the spring is upon us and darkburg members have been hard at work getting to the muscle up and maintaining the previous years development. the season to put our winter training to the test is right around the corner and i for one look forward to developing new and deeper skills as well as getting out to some jams and other meet ups in the region. we plan to spend some time this spring in the mountains as well as construct some equipment to train with. the big goal for the year is to complete a video for this site.

2010 is on………. darkburg is on

Anyone training, or thinking about training parkour needs to read this article.  It is so easy and tempting to utilize all of the short-cuts and knowledge of those that have come before us to “fast-track” ourselves to a decent skill level.  But at what cost? Are we helping or hurting ourselves by learning from the mistakes of those before us without making our own mistakes along the way?  Blane will be around doing parkour for many, many years to come.  Will we?

darkburg is now on twitter. feel free to follow us and get updates and public invites to darkburg events and outings. darkburg is slowly growing and we look forward to more members and friends joining us on this journey.

just wanted say hello and let everyone know that darkburg is still hard at work training and doing parkour. we recently picked up a new member martin, welcome martin to darkburg !!! we also had our first official outing in the woods. the club spent sunday past in the mountains of michaux state forest at  tumbling run, a set of water falls climbing a mnt. to lewis rocks. lewis rocks is a set of rock formations shooting as much as 40′ into the sky across the top of a mnt. range. of course we had a blast. 

please remember that we are always looking for new members. no mater your reservations we want to hear from you.

As per N8’s request, I am posting the link for this excellent article here for everyone in the general public’s benefit.  Please enjoy!