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Monthly Archives: April 2009

it’s drill time…. as we do it’s every other time time… in other words this is drill week.  i wont be able to do much in regards to pull ups, dips,etc.. but there are plenty others to do… same meet up spot as last time… same time too…. it’s goooood to sweat….


that’s right…. i’m injured.. pulled my shoulder…. i didn’t respect my capacity and now i’m paying for it. i’ll be out this weekend for the club outing but will be operating on a limited routine… see you out there and remember!!!!! respect your capacity!

sun the 19…  todd’ b-day… he’s old.. lol. six o’clock at the midtown h.a.c.c. campus. from there i have a general idea about were we’ll go. our first official member (travis) will be joining us. might be a little wet out so we might have to be extra careful. if it’s an absolute down pour we’ll go again another night or wait until sun. the 26th.

this outing is all about parkour in action . while we won’t be going full bore we will be focused a little bit more on the doing as opposed to the training. every other outing be will training, alternating with a run that will be more focused on the doing. as we build up stamina,strength and terrain knowledge we’ll be able to put a full bore flow run through the city.

see ya’ll out there….!

sunday the 12th 6pm. river front hbg. this session will be more of a work out than playing. pull ups, dips, push ups, squats,and balance work. this will be polished off with some drills. covering vaults, rolls, etc…. roughly an hour and a half to two hours. join the club and come train with us. clubs only requirement is show for 2 events a month.  pics. are coming…..!