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Monthly Archives: May 2009

welcome pierre to darkburg…. we look forward to your involvement. pierre and i (n8) started exploring the parkour world together about 2 years ago. while he’s been m.i.a. for the last year or so i’m eager for his return and his participation in the club. with travis away for the summer i was a little worried about our ranks thinning. pierre joining squelches those worries. we can only grow my friends. see y’all out there……


as the founders of “darkburg”, a tracuer club…..  todd and n8 would like to welcome those of you who have commented on the web site it is nice to see some interest. we encourage anyone to post a comment as well as joining us on our parkour quest. or at  least come see what we’re all about. working out with us is free, joining the club is free. if you feel that you have some limitation please understand that this practice has no competition. you only have to work at your own level. we will gladly coach and help in learning technique as well as one of the hardest things to do, see the path. by this i mean were to apply technique. there are all sorts of fun little things to do that once mastered will open the door to the next level. the only way to find out any of this is to do. we’ve got some good water here, you have to choose to drink it…………. so please feel free to visit, post comments, or even join us.

more pain for n8….. my shoulder is steadily getting better. however i’ve added to the list a bruised palm, and a puncture on my shin. the palm is already on its way to healing. the puncture doesn’t hurt unless i bump it but it’s ugly…… i’ll be fine sooner than later, still i’m going to concede to rational thought and back off on my zeal when we’re running.  i was rushing when i hurt myself and that is not good. moving fast and rushing are not the same. sometimes just because we feel strong enough doesn’t mean we’re ready. balance training, strength training, drills on everything, technique review, and of course patience. even with all the training when in the doing of a maneuver building upon it’s size height, width,length etc. is nesscary to achieveing success. going for it is a must, but should be tempered with a keen awareness of all points of our capacity. not knowing of even the most arbitrary weakness could lead to disaster. BALANCE IS A MUST. balance of mind, body, and ego. respect your capacity.

as always we continue our rotation. this outing will be more about flow and the actual parkour. as there is a difference between training or practice and the doing of parkour. this is also a good time to work on endurance. hope to see everyone out especially the newer guys Todd is finding via a.p.k. and other Internet sources.  it’s important for the club to grow. growth will lead to more members and the potential to meet find or even turn out some real talent. the more talented one of us is the better we all will get. motivation to train and to be as strong as we can ,can be exacerbated by a friend and partners ability and drive.

i also wanted to make mention of you tube and being friends on it.  todd and i are and share videos we find. this helps us communicate some of what we’re looking for to each other. it also helps to explain to each other what we mean about the execution of certain techniques. in other words join youtube and become friends with todd and i. (club members only please.)