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more pain for n8….. my shoulder is steadily getting better. however i’ve added to the list a bruised palm, and a puncture on my shin. the palm is already on its way to healing. the puncture doesn’t hurt unless i bump it but it’s ugly…… i’ll be fine sooner than later, still i’m going to concede to rational thought and back off on my zeal when we’re running.  i was rushing when i hurt myself and that is not good. moving fast and rushing are not the same. sometimes just because we feel strong enough doesn’t mean we’re ready. balance training, strength training, drills on everything, technique review, and of course patience. even with all the training when in the doing of a maneuver building upon it’s size height, width,length etc. is nesscary to achieveing success. going for it is a must, but should be tempered with a keen awareness of all points of our capacity. not knowing of even the most arbitrary weakness could lead to disaster. BALANCE IS A MUST. balance of mind, body, and ego. respect your capacity.



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  2. I agree and find that most of my injuries come, not as a result of pushing my limits but rather a lack of proper focus. When I’m out with my son training, we always discuss having a “serious mind.” That is, the visualization of the move along with the notion that you are in a dangerous situation where failure is not an option. Although you may be low to the ground and won’t get hurt upon failure, the belief in the danger keeps your focus where it needs to be, and will help you adhere to proper form. This is a very good practice to get into, and will also help when transitioning from techniques at ground level to those done at real heights.

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