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in my attempts to recruit more people to parkour and in particular our club i have found that the biggest obstacles are peoples fears and self imposed limits. ” i have an injury” ” i’m not that physical or athletic” ” that stuff is too dangerous”.  recognizing limits and excuses are not the same thing. realizing an injury and the restraint in activity needed to heal or prevent further damage is a skill in its self.  a balance between patience and desire must be struck. this is the basis for safety and development when practicing most any activity. if you join us for a work out and spend the time trying to impress or keep up you will not come back a second time. if you spend your time with us listening, watching and doing what you can within your limits safely, you will realize ways to work around injuries, ways to build skill, and that it’s only as dangerous as you allow it to be. since we here at darkburg have a no competition mentality we will not be judging your performance in comparison to anyone else’s. we also for the sake of safety insist that you respect your capacity. you’ll find these to be principles of “good” martial art and yoga schools.

if you are truly interested you’ll work through your limits. it’s those of you who write it off before even allowing yourself to entertain the idea of being a doer as opposed to a watcher or talker. the only thing that is really stopping you is you. give it some real thought and if you decide you’re just not into it then let it be cause you’r not and not because you “can’t”. while in life sometimes “just can’t” is why. but be honest that’s usually due to circumstances beyond your control. like serious injury or handicap or imprisonment or death.  so your choices are really only, i’m  just not interested or i’m a paraplegic prisoner of a foreign dictator or dead. and of course the final choice is joining us and begin a journey that can only improve life…… the decsion is all yours……


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