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Anyone training, or thinking about training parkour needs to read this article.  It is so easy and tempting to utilize all of the short-cuts and knowledge of those that have come before us to “fast-track” ourselves to a decent skill level.  But at what cost? Are we helping or hurting ourselves by learning from the mistakes of those before us without making our own mistakes along the way?  Blane will be around doing parkour for many, many years to come.  Will we?



  1. I agree with much of what he said, from my experience in the rock climbing arena. Much is the same there. I have been training at rock climbing for nearly 12 years now, and I have witnessed this same thing. Young kids just starting out who are admittedly climbing hard things, but they are doing it sloppy, and they are getting injured. They succeed because of brute young strength, not because of good technique. This won’t be the end of the sport. They will come and go, but the true practitioners will slowly and incrementally improve over time. As the post said, “In 10 years when they’re walking with a cane, you will be able to do that jump a hundred times without generating a bead of sweat.”

  2. Good point Josh. I think this also relates to many other activities as well. I grew up skateboarding with all of my early foundation years being before skate videos, magazines, local skateparks, or the internet. I’ve seen tons of kids who got good really quick, but never lasted. And I’ve seen a lot of long-time skaters get frustrated by “the new kids” passing them by. It’s too easy to move too fast nowadays.
    It’s just good for us new to parkour to remember that there is no “one true path,” that experimentation is a valuable tool for self-discovery and development. And that we must all connect with it personally for any hope of it becoming a lasting part of our lives.

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