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i recently had a birthday and a friend who had tagged along with us one night capturing some footage on a small digital camera. with the help of his computer and his knowledge there of he compiled a wonderful gift darkburg’s first official video. it’s short but sweet. we hope to have some more video soon, especially since we have some new members. the film work, editing, and original score are all the work of  Josh Karns. with Joanna Kirby on vocals. awesome gift Josh, i love it.



  1. First of all, outstanding work Josh! Everything, the filming, editing, soundtrack, all excellent, I couldn’t be happier with how you turned what was really one of our more “sucky” training days into an awesome video.

    Someone commented on FaceBook that we were playing “follow-the-leader” and it kind of struck me. She was right, but not only was she right, but it was probably one of the laziest and uneventful games of “follow-the-leader” ever. I can only ever speak for myself, but I think as group we can all agree that the day Josh was with us, and the stuff we managed to do on film was not even close to what we all are capable of, and what we have been doing for the past year or so.

    None of this has anything to do with you Josh. You came out, did a great job, and we just sucked.

    If we are going to try to put together a video anytime soon, we really need to plan. At least a little bit. It doesn’t need to flashy, in fact I prefer it not be. But it should portray parkour and the way we practice it in a realistic and practical way. Just something to think about as a group. We may not have Josh’s talent and time for the next video, so it’s important that we at least get on the same page about what a Darkburg video should look like.

  2. I saw the vid and left a comment on youtube. Awesome, awesome, awesome vid!!1!
    If that was one of the sucky training days, you have to get me with you on a good one for sure! A really nice job

    P.S. I love MC pizza…

    • lol, I may have been a bit harsh when I said sucky. I think what I meant was that we didn’t train as hard that day as we normally do. I think mostly because we were more focused on going to this spot or that spot and less focused on the actual training. As a group we’ve been talking about making a video for a while. But now that Josh has made this amazing video, the bar’s set pretty high for the next one. I just wanted everyone in the group to start thinking about what’s next.

      P.S. We meet every Sunday @ 5:30pm, you’re welcome to come out with us anytime.

  3. Thanks, ill really have to look into it

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